Hello – is anybody out there?

Every have the feeling that you’re on top of the world and the busiest person?  You’re riding the wave and loving it.  Too bad you’re so busy enjoying the feeling you forget to look in front or beside you and the next thing you realize – everyone’s behind the wave (or they’ve simply verred away – gotten bored or interested in something else).

Its amazing how this little world of ours works (and our own psyche).  One moment we feel average and then a few good things come along and we’re ahead of the game.  The high can last for seconds, minutes or days!  Unfortunately, some little thing – a comment, a person, an experience – shatters that feeling and we’re left looking around shouting:

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?  Anybody listening?  somebody? anybody? …

Not too worry.. it wont be long till the next little moment switches everything into overdrive and you’ll be on top again!  Maybe, the ticket is to find the things that make us feel good and remember them — store them in our back pocket – to pull out when we need a quick supply!

… theres your little pocketful of sunshine for the day!

cheers, WM

~ by wanitajump on July 28, 2009.

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