Thoughts on Critiquing

Here we are… all of us budding writers, authors and novelists… we’re busy writing, editing, rewriting, revising, changing, and writing again.  Loving and hating moments of each part.  We all want to be good, we all need to be better.  SO, how do we get better?  Hope the right agent comes along and picks are stories up to make them brilliant? (mine’s doing that for me right now!).

However, how about getting some critiques to help along the way?  WHERE, you say.  Great sight that I recommend is CC – aka Critique circle –   It’s free or the premium membership is a more $3.24 a month!  Great sight to help improve anyones writing, even when you think its already at its finest!

Check out the sight and good luck with your writing!



~ by wanitajump on August 13, 2009.

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