Writing with the Times

As writers, we all write about what we are passionate about.  We write stories on the characters the come visit us and share their stories so we can put them to words. 

I asked a question the other day on CC, What will be the next trends – for 2010, 2011 and 2012?  The responses were fascintating.  Many said that no one can control what is going to be popular or what will be the hits.   Others suggests werewolves or angels & demons, apocolypse and the list goes on.

SO, question could not be pinpointed to a direction answer.  I had many call me out on sticking to what I love to write and hope it catches an agent.  I simply was curious what others thought and wanted to use it as a form of brainstorming.  Something to look into and see if the chase let me catch something interesting.  Well, I’ve caught a few muses in my searching, lets see if they stay around and tell me their story!

Writers out there:  Write what you love and are passionate about.  That is the key, but taking a peek throught the key-hole to catch a glimpse of a few ideas to turn into your own – I dare you!!


Happy Tuesday!


~ by wanitajump on September 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Writing with the Times”

  1. I think that in 2010 the world will be a different place. With strange weather patterns and peope out of work, there will be more stressed and homeless people around the world.

    So I think life could be different for everyone. Maybe less of a rat race, but more poverty.

    Lots of stories there.

    • It will be interesting the change in trend of writing… I’m curious to see if it is going to be a depression era of writing – lots of fairytale happy endings or a complete change in style.

      You are right, there will be loads of stories… like dandilion seeds blowing in the wind!

  2. You know what I was thinking after that discussion? I bet that another trend that will occur is a return of the ‘happier’ stories, simply because 2012 is going to get everyone wound up about the end of the world that everyone will be looking for something to be happy about afterwards.

    • I agree… I think that there will be a push for more “fairytale’ endings. I also think we will see more personal style stories – loss of jobs, homes, and then rebuilding lives.
      Then again, we might get a further trend into the fantasy world so everyone can escape reality.
      Either way (or maybe, anyway,) I’ll be sold on whatever is selling… Im a sucker for a happy ending or a learning experience!

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