March – is Spring on the way?

It sure feels like.  I mean, there’s snow on the ground, but its melting and there’s water everywhere (and mud, and brown grass, and dirty, salty cars, and long lines at the car wash, and …)  OK so there are signs.

I hear birds, I see more walkers and runners out, it seems like a tiny bit of spring fever is hitting us all.  Up here, in the cold north (aka Canada), we’re still enjoying our successful Olympics and ready moving on the the next season.  Hockey trading day is coming up and before you know it, the play offs.  Those suckers run till almost June so it’ll be summer by the time hockey’s done.

Then there’s the fact I have this new life growing inside of me.  Ten weeks left (though who’s counting?).  This definitely feels like spring time! 

So, where am I in the writing world?  Still writing, revising, editing, critiquing and squeezing in as much as I can.  The muses in my head are begging to come out.  They’re tired of revisions and want me to get to know these new characters begging to come out and play.  They’re reading for spring as well! 

Time to get pen to paper… 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – let the pre-celebrations begin!


~ by wanitajump on March 6, 2010.

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