Hiding in the Waters

OK, so I haven’t exactly been hiding out in the waters…  but I do feel like I’m knee-deep in muck!  There is this tiny, little baby growing in my belly that is due in exactly 7 days.  And it DOESNT WANT TO COME OUT!!  This is my third peanut so I figured I’d have had this baby, say three months ago!  Guess life doesn’t always go the way we want.

Sort of like writing.  My agent has begun the publisher-query process.  It’s exciting, and scary (kind of like waiting to go into labour) and fascinating all at the same time.  There has been a lot of interest in the concept of RAE OF HOPE, THE CHRONICLES OF KERRIGAN and even though we’ve had some turn-downs, the comments have been very positive.

SO, I took the first three chapters and rewrote, polished, rewrote again and added the changes throughout the entire MS.  I actually had loads of fun doing it.   It was probably the only weekend where I didn’t want the baby to be born… 

The other cool thing is that I’m almost done the second book in the series (and, of course, I like it wayyyy more).  My goal was to finish it before the baby came.  However, I feel like I am trying to rush the last three chapters instead of having fun and getting hooked into the story.  Forced writing never reads smooth – so I’m stepping back and writing when I feel like it … kind of like this baby – coming when it feels like it.

I’ll keep you updated on any news – from writing land or baby land.

Cheers,  WM

~ by wanitajump on May 12, 2010.

One Response to “Hiding in the Waters”

  1. I was checking out your blog. Your little precious one is here! Finally! And she’s gorgeous!!!!!! Congratulations!

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