Guest appearance on a blog

I did a guest-write on Blue Ridge Lit Agency’s Blog.

I’ve added the chatter below Or you can check the link out:

What’s your genre?
That is the question of the day …maybe the year.

You’ve written the Top Selling MS.  Ok, so it might not be the top seller but it sure is agent worthy.  It’s finished.

All one hundred thousand words, give or take a few thousand.  It’s been edited, revised and revised and edited again — and again.  You’re getting ready to start the agent hunting, or publisher push and it’s time to choose the book’s category.
Now you’re stumped.  All those words and not a moment of writer’s block.  And now your fingers hover over the keyboard as your brain tries to pick and decipher this moment of unclarity. 
  Originally you believed it was YA, but the main character is a bit too old. and still to young for Adult.  So, you hum and ha over trying to invent a different category or wonder if that other category, New Adult, really exists. 
   Or, your book has a bit for history, a bit of romance and a touch of paranorma.  What about the Manuscript with fantasy and romance? Can you choose just one or how do you sell all the genres at once?
   Cross-over fiction is actually easier to sell than you think. Agents and publishers prefer to have books that don’t stay inside one genre’s walls. They reach a wider audience which makes a book more sell-able and, at the same time, can draw readers into new genres they haven’t read before (which in turn, sells more books).
  As long as the MS is well- written (which it is, of course)  with a great plot (the best, or course), and interesting characters (that are not necessarily likable).  You can let the story’s genre speak for itself. Stop worrying.
  Good luck with your words. May they be well written — and sellable 🙂

~ by wanitajump on October 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Guest appearance on a blog”

  1. WOOHOO! That rocks, Wanita!

    • thanks!
      Im behind on the blog again!
      Surprise, surprise. I need to start doing some major renovations in the new year! That’ll be my resolution!

    • THanks Tiffany!
      Ill be adding links and updates on here on a more regular basis now.
      Now I need to do the website!

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