The Tortoise and the Hare

Sometimes Im the tortoise, but to be honest, most of the time, Im the hare!  Running off and rushing, only to get sidelined and distracted.  Then I realize I’ve missed what I was actually trying to accomplish. 

I’m dying to work on a newer MS that Ive gotten about 1/3 done.  Its been begging to come out, along with two new story ideas for new MSs.  However, revisions got me sidelined.  My agent began querying out my Chronicles of Kerrigan series and several publishers were interested in the story,just felt it needed some rewrites.  So, gun-ho, away I go!  I went crazy, worked hard with my CC critters and got the story done (now THAT felt great to finish). 

My poor MS begging to break free of my head got sidetracked.  I picked it up again and reread my chapters to make sure the voice hadn’t changed. Finished rereading, just intime for another MS needing to be revised.  Away I went again and got that one finished a month later.  So, last night, I reread the started MS again to refind my voice. 

Let’s hope I can finish the race!

… wait, why am I complaining?  I’ve got two MS being publish-hunted (well, one and almost the other).  Don’t worry, I’ll slap my own wrist and shut up!

Happy holidays everyone!


~ by wanitajump on November 20, 2010.

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