Write a Little, Jean Little

As a kid, I read, read and read… and then read more books.  I couldn’t keep my eyes away from words. Everything about them fascinated me.  They still do!

When I was in third grade (or was it fourth? – the years all bleed into one now) , one of my favourite authors was Jean Little.  I went to a small, private school and had this wonderful teacher who was actually friends with the author.  Miss Brink (my teacher) actually lived not too far from our house and Jean Little, being partially blind would visit and they would ride this AWESOME double bike down the path behind our house.  So Miss Brink told me.  I would sit by the back window and watch the path, waiting for this famous author to come riding by… for some strange reason, I never saw them 🙂

However, the opportunity wasn’t lost.  Miss Brink brought Jean Little into our classroom.  She talked to us about her love of writing, her challenges with sight (she had this wicked-cool seeing eye dog that everyone wanted to pet, but no one was allowed), and signed my book.  I still have it! 

She signed it:  Read a Little, Jean Little.   — what a great play on words – even to a 9 year old!!

~ by wanitajump on February 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Write a Little, Jean Little”

  1. Very cute story! I also adored books when I was young,(and like you, I still do) so I can imagine how great that must have been to meet, and get an autograph from, your favorite author.

  2. That’s such a lovely story 🙂

  3. Hi, Wanita! We’re in the same group on Rachael Harrie’s blog. Thought I’d come over and say hello. Nice to meet you!

  4. Is the way i get to follow you/ Cannot find any other button

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