Book Signing – Radio interviews – newspaper calls

Rae of Hope is beginning to make her rounds in the review world and locally!  It`s been an exciting trip and I feel like I`ve just sat down on one of those awesome roller coaster rides.  I`ve just clicked the seat belt and the overhead bar’s come down to protect me from falling out.  I`m riding this one out blind – no idea what kind of twists, twirls, backwards, drops or tunnels are on this ride. And I can`t wait!

The reviews have started to come in and they have been fantastic!  I can`t believe how many people are enjoying Rae of Hope and connecting with the characters.  The `bad`reviews that I feared are not bad.  The suggestions are great for my edits in the second book in the series and also helping me change and prep a few things. 

I have my first official book signing tomorrow at Chapters-Indigo in St.Catharines.  I can`t wait!  If you are in the area and want to stop by. It is at the Fairview Mall from 1-4pm, Jan 21st, 2012

I also have my first official Author Radio interview coming up on Monday morning with CKTB 610 am.  That`s January 23rd, at 8:50am.  Perfect for the drive in to work.  Again, SOOO excited!

It`s a fun learning process and when the second book comes out in August from the series, I feel like I`ll get the `ride`a bit more.

Another series I`ve written will start making it`s rounds to publishers in the spring.  I`m falling in love with the story again as I go through a final read before it heads out to my agent.  It makes me want to finish writing the second book right now!

Rrrr… if there were only more hours in the day!  I`m not really complaining – I just like to pretend to.  I can`t wait to see what this year holds!

~ by wanitajump on January 21, 2012.

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