Whirlwind of Activity

Ok, so I’m one of the word’s worst bloggers – I seldom keep up the way I should.  I’m guilty for it and I apologize.  However, I just dont know how people have the time to keep their website, their emails, their tweets,the blog, their life, their kids, their writing, their editing, their housework, their job, their friends, their own personal hygene and still stay on top of everything 🙂  I suck (well, at least I’m clean, and my kids are pretty happy – for the most part 🙂 )

So, I’m doing a score of posts here at once.   There have been some fantastic reviews on RAE OF HOPE and I have also done a few interviews and blog visits.  I willl post in a list below 🙂



– Fictional Candy also has a swag give away going on until Feb 3rd – worth entering to win some really cool Rae-gear.




** and the list goes on … you can check updates on reviews via my website:

http://www.wanitamay.yolasite.com/contests.php  and also on the Reviews Page!


OK… off to post this and then I have two more posts to add and share this week!

Happy New Year, Happy January (and happy birthday to me tomorrow 😉 hee hee

WJ May



~ by wanitajump on January 30, 2012.

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