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Rae of Hope

Days of the Week

As a kid, didn’t it take FOREVER to be tall enough to be able to ride the scary rollercoaster ride, or get someplace, or just simply be old enough (to drink maybe? J )  Are we there yet? How much further, Papa Smurf?

Today I’m edging closer to middle age (still not there yet, for the record) but it’s unbelievable how fast time goes.  Is it Monday? Where did the weekend go? It’s Friday again already? Didn’t I JUST do three loads of laundry?

I love chatting with my mother (who doesn’t?) She is now the young age of seventy-one.  She talks about the good ol’ days, or when we were kids and how she can’t believe her babies are having babies, or how her grand-babies are starting or finish high school and starting university (my babies are only 6, 5 and 22mths… long ways from uni).

If I can’t believe how fast time is going now, what’s it going to be like when I’m my mother’s age? Super-Cyber-Warf speed? One moment it’s the first day of spring and the next its three years later.

Ironically, my writing and publishing career have also evolved like this.

One moment my father was alive and well, the next he was diagnosed with cancer and six wonderful, trying – and yet too fast – years later I was hugging him for the last time.  Before we found out he had stage 4 colon cancer, I had no babies, no books.  He survived two major surgeries, massive rounds of chemo, trial drugs and kept the dreaded “C” word at bay time and time again.  We were blessed he got to see his youngest baby (me) have two beautiful babies herself, and when God finally called him home, he was okay with it.

He passed away in September, one week away from his 75th birthday.  I’m born into a family with parents who had an amazing marriage, and born into a large six children family (all of us have met great spouses and had awesome kids).  Great support system but still, I was just barely thirty and I missed my Dad.  I still miss Dad.

The Christmas following his passing I started writing again (I hadn’t since high school). And soon, I was pregnant with our third baby. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe the amount of writing and editing I got done.

Now our “Cee-Cee” will be two in May and I wonder were the time went.  Dad’s been gone three years and Rae of Hope, my first novel, was picked up by an agent, contracted with a publisher and now in print.  Where has the time gone?

I like to make the excuse that family life is busy… Running an online vintage jewerly business and dealing in collectable Porcelain is busy… keeping the house clean, feeding the dog, walking the dog, playing with the kids, cleaning up after the kids… it’s all busy.  Who has time write?

Maybe a bionic mom? (No, if you know me, I’m 100% human, unlike my fantastic-paranormal characters). Time management? (No, at the end of the day, I never get half of what I hoped to get done and I if I do write a list, why do I always forget where I put it?)  Organization? (Ask my hubby, that’s only in my head, and my messy piles are organized – but only to me).

I really don’t know how, but four novels are completed, two others are in the works and I landed a four book contract for the Chronicles of Kerrigan.  I’m proud of it, but also a little sad.  If my Dad was still around, I wouldn’t be writing – I didn’t start till after I missed him. It’s bitter sweet.  He’d be proud. He always was of all his kids accomplishments.

I’m happy I have the opportunity to write. I love story-telling and it blows me away that people would actually like to read what I’ve written.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I was talking about the days of week.  I’m scrolling up and realizing my page is full and I’ve babbled away the entire blog – Where did the time go?

Isn’t there a cliché out there about that? Something about how fast life goes, how fast it’s over?

I can’t remember it right now, but suddenly I’m paranoid to blink.

Thanks so much for stopping by Heather’s blog ITS ALL ABOUT ME, and I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time J

WJ May

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