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May 23, 12Author Interview :: W.J. May

Today I have W.J. May here to answer a few questions about herself, as well as her book, Rae of Hope. Why don’t you give us two sentences to get started, one about you and one about your book.


Me: Crazy, hyper, multi-tasking mom of three with a hubby and dog J

Book: A must read. :-)

SG: What is the hardest part about being both an author and a mother? Do you have a hard time balancing the two?

W.J: Family comes first. With that in mind, it’s easy to balance – I do most my writing in the evenings or when the kids are busy.  My hubby and I also run an online vintage jewelry business so I get to sneak social networking time at the same time.

SG: Have any of your kids read Rae of Hope? Can you share initial reactions?

W.J: My kids are 6, 5 and almost 2 yo.  My oldest, Mikayla, loves the cover of Rae of Hope.  She pretends to read it and really loves watching the book trailers I make.

SG: I agree with Mikayla, the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

SG: How does it feel to have your book compared to, or at the very least mentioned alongside something as big as Harry Potter? Do you see the correlation?

W.J: I do see where people co-relate the story to Harry Potter.  I did the same thing myself when I originally started explaining the story  (Harry Potter’s sister meets the X-Men).  However you’ll see in the second book and third that the book isn’t related so much to the school setting as to Rae.

Now I do get a splurge of excitement when people do compare the books.  I wouldn’t consider myself in that class so to me, its an awesome compliment!

SG: If you were in Rae’s world, what would your tatú be? What powers would it give you?

W.J: I’d definitely love to have Rae’s tatu.  However there are so many unique ones – I like Devon’s as it is a cute fennec fox, which people misunderstand and don’t realize how powerful it really is.  The levitation tatu is pretty cool as well.  Hmm… I’d have a hard time deciding as Nicholas’ tatu would be pretty handy as well.  Same with the Deans – he can look into the past and get 20-20 hind sight vision of other people! And then there’s… well, the list goes on and on as I’m about to start talking about characters in Book II!

SG: How many books do you have planned for Rae?

W.J: The series is currently set at 4.  There could easily be more as book II and book III happen in a short time span.  I’d love to make this a continual series as it becomes an undercover-kinda spy series as well!

SG: What’s next for you? Any books other than Kerrigan? When can we expect your next work? Can you give us a teaser?

W.J: I do have more books and series in the works.  My agent currently has Seventh Mark – which is another fantasy/paranormal series.  I can give you a teaser as I made her a book trailer to watch before she started reading and editing it.  It’s a rough trailer but it gives you an idea of the book. Kinda of modern day Red Riding Hood but without the werewolves (something deeper, darker and more disturbing J) but with also a great love story!

Here’s the youtube link:

I also have another great YA series that I am just finishing the first draft of the first book – it’s going to be an awesome one… more to come on that!!

SG: What, in your opinion, is the most crucial thing a writer must do (other than just write)?

W.J: Not be afraid to think outside the box. To edit and to take something (or someone) away from their story who they may love – eg. Killing off a character.  You need to e able to tell a great story, but you also need to make your characters engaging and loveable/hateable or sympathetic.  It’s hard to get into a story if you don’t like the lead roll!

SG: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?

W.J: Buying and selling more antique, vintage jewelry! I love it! :-) It’s my business, so I get the benefit of liking it and buying more (even though I don’t get to keep it!).  I’d probably be doing a LOT more reading if I wasn’t writing!

SG: Who do you look up to the most as a writer?

W.J: Fellow writers, authors, agents – those who are willing to teach us the ropes and don’t mind giving their time.  My agent – Dawn Dowdle – is amazing.  She really works at having a connection with all her writers. Not just on a writing need-to-sell books basis.  Im amazed at how hard and well of a job she does.  It’s very encouraging and exciting to be part of her group.


The best birthday present I’ve ever gotten was… A drawing and card from my kids!

My Favorite Sport is… HIGHJUMP – athletics.

If I could live anywhere I’d choose to live… right beside my family! :-) I don’t care where! Though I do like summer… and spring… and winter… and autumn :-) (and I do a lot of smiley faces in this interview as well!!)

My favorite song is… Adele’s – Set Fire to the Rain… and anything from Johnny Cash

The best joke I’ve ever heard is

Q: How do you make a Kleenex dance?

A: …. Put a little boogie in it!


Q:How do you make a strawberry shake?

A: … tell it a scary story!

—— I love to laugh and hear good jokes, Im just the sucker who never remembers them!!

SG: I love that last one! Thanks for sharing. Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoyed your story, and I hope other readers do as well. (  🙂 – See, I can do smilies too!)

W.J: No, thank you for reading and enjoying the story!  I’m so glad you liked it and I really enjoyed answering the questions here.  I hope you’ll be interested in reading an ARC copy of Dark Nebula, the second book in the series!  (and maybe anything else I get published – hee hee).

SG: I’d love to! You’ve got me hooked!


Super-thanks for W.J. May for letting me read her book, Rae of Hope, and for answering my questions. I can’t wait to read her future stuff as well. You can learn more about W.J. May and her work at her website, and her blog, or by following her on Facebook or Twitter. Rae of Hope is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback, and at Barnes and Noble on Nook. Rae of Hope is also available in all e-book formats at Smashwords.


This post is brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours.

Be sure to check out my review of Rae of Hope.  Also, stop by The Day Dreamer’s Book Obsession to read a guest post by W.J. May tomorrow too!

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