How did Summer get here so fast?

Where does the time go?

Two minutes ago, it was spring and we just got back from Myrtle Beach during March break.  Now its already July? Honest, I barely blinked!

There are good things to time flying (I think 🙂  Dark Nebula, the second book in the Chronciles of Kerrigan is going through its final edits and the faster time flies, the sooner it will be done and off to ARC readers for reviews AND the its publication. So that’s a good thing.

I just wish sometimes we could hit the pause button or the slow down button in real life to enjoy the great moments a little longer. Like the kids making mud pies and then having a mud fight. (maybe fast forward the part where they have to be cleaned up and getting the mud and sand out of their hair).  Or slow down my baby growing up (all three of my kids actually). But speed up the parts where they get hurt – either physically or in their hearts.

I’d love to rewind a few years back and spend a few more moments with my Dad.  There are days I really miss him and would love to get his big strong bear-hug or just hear him tell a joke. Or just fall asleep on my couch when he came by to watch a game.

If there’s a remote out there that you know of – send me the link!



~ by wanitajump on July 5, 2012.

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