Great review of Rae of Hope from goodreads

“Charlie” from the UK left a fantastic review of Rae of Hope.  She’s awesome and I’m so excited!

Here’s the review:


Charlie‘s review        

Aug 02, 12
4 of 5 stars false

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             Read on August 01, 2012          


                      This whole storyline is epic – I loved the whole xmen/heroes vibe going on. I want a tatu. I think I just spent like half an hour seeing if I had a superpower ANYWAY
OH-KAAAY, Quick story sum up, Rae is sent to a school for ‘gifted’ students by her Uncle, she quickly finds out this is no ordinary school…think Xmen style school yet for these students to get their ‘power’ they need to wait until their 16th birthdays where a tatu appears on their body that symbolizes the nature of their power – with me so far? Rae is an outsider as soon as she turns up at the school and she quickly learns that her Dad was the ‘Hitler’ of this gifted society and people are scared of what SHE might turn out like. Which pretty much sucks for Rae.
Right – Im not going to intentionally throw in any spoilers but if I feel a spoiler coming I’ll be like MAY DAY MAY DAY SPOILER, I REPEAT SPOILER okay?
I read this book – well ebook because for some UNKNOWN reason this book isn’t being published in the UK – in 4 hours. I dont own a kindle so I was walking around the house with my massive laptop (Kindle pc – best thing I’ve ever downloaded) which was very uncomfortable at times I can assure you! I could NOT stop reading. Im a big fan of ‘Xmen’ AND ‘Heroes’ and this book contains HUGE elements of both of them. Its like W.J.May put them both in a blender and came up with this story. I developed quick attachments to some characters and grew to HATE some characters and immediately thought ‘I dont trust this character’ at times – and one instant distrust is actually the character that everybody seemed to like and – MAY DAY MAY DAY SPOILER, I REPEAT SPOILER – I was right NOT to trust this particular character. Theres also the whole ‘Severus Snape’ thing going on which I guessed right from the beginning! Clever me. SPOILER OVER, SPOILER OVER
I did have some issues…There were just bits where she’d repeat something that she’d already mentioned just in a different so it made me feel she’d forgotten that she’d already mentioned it…does that make sense? Well anyway saying that it could have been me – so dont hold me to that okay! I tend to….read things wrong sometimes (Im not doing myself any good on the whole ‘Im reliable for recommending books thing…am I?) There was also the annoying factor of Rae CONSTANTLY being asked out by boys…(again…it could just be because Im jealous as that NEVER happens to me but shhh) I dont know WHY that annoyed me so much but it just seemed…um….kinda childish??? But there were amazing plot twists and mystery factors and the whole ‘ooooou Im going to find out her tatu’ etc which made me want to read on as a reader so the negatives are always balanced by a positive which makes it a much more enjoyable read. I call this a ‘tbr’ which means its a typical ‘TRAIN BOOK READ’ so basically its a quick light read thats easy to read….and if someone distracts me while reading I can easily pick up where I left off without getting confused.
ANNNNNNNND thats the end of my review. over and out amigos

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