Twitter, Blog, FB or Webpage, OH MY!!

I’m sitting outside this evening, admist the kids playing and the squirrels ruining my freshly swept patio/interlock (we have two huge walnut trees in our backyard — need I say more?)

I don’t have time, before I need to bring the kids inside, to do some writing or editing. So I figured I would do something related to my writing in the social networking frame of mind.

However, what to choose? We spoiled with the possibilities and also feel slightly overwhelmed.  Do I nip over to WRITEON.COM for the MG-YA online conference going on now? Do I take the time to update my FB Author page, or tweet and catch up with some tweeters I always seem to be behind on?  Or should I work on my webpage – Ive got Dark Nebula, the second book in the Chronciles of Kerrigan coming out in December and the cover of the book will be my way any day now. OR do I blog and update what’s going on here?

Decisions, decisions… so many social feeds and so little time (maybe I should have stuck with getting a few pages of edits done on my current WIP).  As authors in the present we are spoiled with the possible ways of reaching our readers (or, in turn, trying to reach more).  Oh! I forgot to add that I should also pop over to, and where I have accounts and check if there are messages in my boxes there.

Spoiled and a little overwhelmed is how I sometimes feel.  I’m SO excited to get the ball on setting up the blog tour/reviews for Dark Nebula, I can’t wait to finish my current WIP so my agent and I can start digging through it and getting it out to publishers, and I can’t wait to see what readers have to say – if they liked or hated what I wrote – – I enjoy both because they make me into a better writer.

I see I’ve managed to babble here a bit and now I have a tired two-year old who is trying to get my attention.  Seems Ive run out time for getting more work done.  Play time beats work time – any time!!

~ by wanitajump on August 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Twitter, Blog, FB or Webpage, OH MY!!”

  1. Balancing social networking/book promotion with your actual work on present book is a tricky thing. Me, I try to split it up. Maybe an hour or so on the social network, then the rest of my work day on editing. But yeah, the choices start to overwhelm you. I have joined Goodreads, BookBlogs, and other sites, and sometimes I wonder if those sites are doing me any good. I understand how you are feeling, plus you’ve got a little boy to worry about. My son is grown up, no distraction there, albeit children are a joy, not a pure distraction. Follow your heart is the best choice, and second is follow your gut feeling, Wanita.

    • Thanks for sharing Nathan!
      Nice to know I’m not the only one sometimes unsure of where to start 🙂 Jealous of the time you have to write… I get to squeeze my in when i can! LOL

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