Catching up with WJ May’s

Yup, I’m behind on my blog. I’m a lousy weekly, monthly or on time blogger. Sometimes it seems that keeping up with websites, book pages, goodreads, twitter (which Im also lousy at), amazon pages, facebook, facebook author page, emails, etc… etc… I just can’t keep up! Did I mention I also have to fit in writing as well 🙂

yup, its busy. And I love it!

So I’m sorry I’m not always posting when I should be or I post a bunch of stuff all at once. Bear with me and just believe that if I’m quiet, I’m writing and if I’m writing, news things are coming!

With that thought, Shadow of Doubt is releasing next month. I also am part of a fantastic Analogy for Fantasy and another Vampire one coming out in November. It’s going to be a busy last half of the year and I can’t wait!

So off I go, to edit and get a bit of writing in before my eyes decide they need shut eye more than letter are needed on the computer!

WJ May

~ by wanitajump on August 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Catching up with WJ May’s”

  1. So I have been searching and searching trying to find out when House of Cards is going to be published and available to the public to read, and can’t find it anywhere. In Rae of Hope it showed that it should come out in August, but I can’t find it anywhere. I read through some old reviews and blogs saying it would come out this summer. Can you please let me know when it is coming out? Thanks!

  2. When will House of Cards be out? I can’t wait! I love your books.

    • Its coming out in the next two weeks! FINALLY 🙂
      Just posted the new cover reveal!!
      if you follow me on FB, you’ll get instant updates : Author W.J. May fanpage 🙂

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