Here’s a teaser to the start to HOUSE OF CARDS


Chapter 1  Nervous

            “You ready for this?”

            Rae stared at Julian as they stood in front of the large wooden door, his hand on the knob, about to bring her into the completely chaotic world she’d never knew existed two years ago. She blinked, and then blinked again. A lot can change in a small amount of time. “I’m re—”

            Something crashed against the other side of the door, followed by a howl no man should ever be able to utter, cut her off. Julian jumped back at the impact, then grinned and tightened the ponytail holding his long dark hair when the door stayed intact. He glanced at her, the door and then her again. “You sure?”

            Rae shot what she hoped was her dirtiest look and stepped in front of him, determined to quell all nervousness. Could the butterfly wings in her stomach be blamed on the fairy ink-art on her lower back? She, and her tatù, were both on edge. With forced determination she grabbed the handle of the door and yanked it open.

            Before she had a chance to check out the room, some kind of Frisbee disc flew toward her. Tatù reflexes kicked in naturally and she ducked just in time. She couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped when a deep “oof” reverberated out of Julian as it nailed him the chest. She leaned down and grabbed the surprisingly heavy disc off the floor. She straightened and grinned. “Thought your tatù gave you the ability to see the future.” She couldn’t hold back the laughter as she handed him the disc. “Even I saw that coming a mile away.”

            Obviously winded, Julian shook his head. “I-I’ll g-give you that one…s-since it’s your f-first day.”

            What had Carter said? Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

~ by wanitajump on March 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “HOUSE OF CARDS Teaser”

  1. Whens this out?

    • Its finally coming 🙂
      House of Cards will be out in the next two weeks!!!
      Just posted the cover reveal. If you can follow me on Facebook, you’ll get instant updates: Author W.J. May fanpage!!

  2. W.J.,

    “Full Moon” is highlighted today on

  3. Ugh… Dying for this book. Loved the other two in the series

  4. Where is this book?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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