Chronicles of Kerrigan

THE CHRONICLES OF KERRIGAN Rae of HopeAVAILABLE: OCTOBER 2011 – by kRP check the Book Trailer:

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If you thought high school was challenging; imagine transferring during your sophomore year to a prestigious college in another country, full of ‘gifted’ students.School has always come easy for Rae Kerrigan but now she has been offered a unique scholarship opportunity at Guilder College in England, an all-boy’s school that has just opened its doors to females. Now throw in that her parents passed away when she was six and everyone at the college seems to know about her and her past. Add in the fact that everyone at this school becomes tattooed with a special gift when they turn sixteen.
As if adolescence wasn’t challenging enough; Rae finds out that everyone attending the college has known since the day that they were born that they would be receiving their “gift” on their sixteenth birthday; even the professors at the college have these gifted talents. Rae is four months away from turning sixteen and knows nothing about the gifts or how to read the tattoos that the students become marked with. She quickly learns that she is unique – while everyone has had one parent with the gift, both of her parents were marked and one of them had turned to the dark side.
Rae has to discover her parents past, overcome her own personal challenges and demons, and stop some dark-sided gifted ones hunting her. Rae also has to figure out if the school wanted her there to help with her gift or are they trying to protect themselves from what she might become. On top of all this, Rae needs to chase off the boys vying for her attention and try to catch the interest of the one boy who doesn’t seem to notice her. Try getting through your sophomore year of high school with this on your shoulders and still maintain the grades to pass! Does she have a rae of hope?Rae of Hope is complete at 65,000 words. It is the first book of a series “The Chronicles of Kerrigan.” It is intended for young adults and also falls into the middle grade genre. It has a twist of fantasy/supernatural – the kids at Guilder try to be normal and hide their talents from the ‘real’ world. Imagine Xmen meeting Harry Potter’s sister in high school!
Just when Rae Kerrigan thought things were going to get easy, life just gets more complicated.
Between keeping her boyfriend a secret from the school (tatùs are not allowed to date), avoid her dead father’s ghosts and keep Guilder Boarder School and the Privy Council happy, Rae needs to try and find some balance.
Add in strange incidences at Guilder, a missing boyfriend, a crazy uncle and a Plan so devious Rae doesn’t even know where to being – or end.
DARK NEBULA is the second book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan Series, on its second edit.

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